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★★★★★ Rhode Island SEO and local inbound marketing services firm - small business focused. Award winning since 1997

Sidewalk Branding Company (SM) is a Rhode Island SEO (search engine optimization) PPC and Integrated inbound marketing firm helping brick-and-mortar businesses increase their local search engine rankings and visibility.

Different than most SEO companies, we focus on optimizing the multiple digital assets of a business in addition to their website - things like their images and video, directory and search engine citations, keywords, and their paid advertising campaigns.  What also differentiates us is experience - founder Chris Sheehy brings nearly 20 years digital marketing experience (circa 1997 BG - before Google) from the shared perspective as a business owner.  That, and a long list of publishings...

There's more to inbound marketing than just having a spiffy website and a Facebook page!
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