“I recommend Chris Sheehy in the highest possible terms. Chris brings measurable solutions to his clients that are validated through increased awareness and improved sales. In a highly competitive marketplace professionals like Chris Sheehy are sought after because he works with clients to achieve results - don't wait - act!!!”
BW - Rhode Island - RI SCORE
"As Rhode Island continues to search for pockets of innovation to boost its recovery, savvy practitioners like Sheehy are poised to lead the way for the many small companies looking to stay relevant in the digital world."
Named Top Tech Entrepreneur by GoLocalProv - Rhode Island
"Chris is a true scholar-practitioner which is why his message is so ‘on point’ in classes; he bridges theory and practice because he lives the talk daily and helps others become bi-lingual in this techno-speak to ensure business sustainability.”
DR - Rhode Island - Education
"I went through a number of SEO initiatives with both large companies and individuals all of which went no where. Chris explained the mechanics of SEO and then cleaned up a number of problems i didn't know i had. I regularly query my new client calls as to how they found me (Structural / Civil Engineers) and 95% indicate that it was through a Google search where they used the keywords that Chris and I set up. I can reach him when i want and he always has time to listen and respond. The service isn't cheap but it was and will continue to be, worth it."
RP - Rhode Island - Engineer
"For years I was reluctant to use a SEO service. There are thousands of unqualified people out there selling snake oil. It wasn't until I came across SBC a few times online that I thought... Who is this guy? I see his company mentioned in news articles, on yahoo.com, on facebook. I reached out to Chris to learn about him and his company. He is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. He's incredibly professional & the most educated person I could find on SEO practices. I've been using his services for several of my marketing clients.You make my clients happy and that makes me happy. Thank You"
"Chris at Sidewalk Branding goes above and beyond to help me fully understand everything I need to know about SEO, the importance of local SEO and how to effectively use link building strategies to tie everything in. If I don't understand something, Chris will take the time to make sure you and value of everything he does. Another thing I like about Chris and his company is that he is very reliable, honest with everything he does and he is so easy to work with. It just amazes me how he stays on top with all the ever changing SEO world that is constantly changing each week. I highly recommend Chris!"
DR - Rhode Island - Education
"One of the Most Experienced and Authoritative SEO and Digital Marketing & Advertising Agencies in the Area"
JZ – Massachusetts - Marketing Agency
"Chris was a dedicated SEO specialist and marketing advisor to a client that Google had identified as a high value partner. He pushed hard on my team for good answers and made sure the concepts we were pursuing were in the best interest of the client. At the end of the day, Chris was a great partner because he was neither a stubborn block in the road nor a simple yes-man. Would look forward to working with him in the future if our paths should cross."
Google Ads – Account Team Manager - California
"Chris has helped us navigate the very daunting world of online presence. We are currently in 1st place, in our district, with regard to reputation management and Google reviews. We could not have done this without Chris's expertise. Our [auto dealership] franchise is very happy with us and we are very happy with Chris."
CS – Rhode Island - Auto Dealer
"Chris took my limp web presence and set it on the path to SEO greatness. His efforts have undoubtedly given me more web traffic and qualified leads. Before I hired Chris, I had a variety of providers with pitiful SEO results. I had troubles communicating with those providers and getting straight answers. Chris changed all that. He is responsive, knowledgeable, and gives me straight answers to my questions. I don't pretend to know even half of the technical stuff that Chris and I talk about sometimes, but I know that I have made more money from my website since he started working for me."
JK – Rhode Island - Attorney
"Have known Chris for many, many years, and always impressed with his work ethic. Whether working or playing, his marketing wheels are always turning. Sidewalk Branding Company has helped us implement today's internet resources into thoughts, ideas and actions that are invaluable, and the foundation of how we think and do business today. Thank you Chris!”
GP - Florida - Auto Upholstery
"His passion for this industry and his diligence in meeting client demands and expectations were unparalleled when we worked together at ADP. His in-depth knowledge and his ability to articulate this and it's impact on businesses in the industry makes Chris an asset any company should be glad to have as a partner”
JM – Florida - Sales
"If you want to drive more business to your website then you should definitely work with Chris. Chris knows SEO inside and out and is driven to produce results. He will work with you to find out your marketing needs, then establish a strategy and measure results. There are a lot of people calling themselves experts today, but truly Chris is the expert in SEO.”
KM - Rhode Island - Healthcare
"Just want to let you know what a pleasure it is working with you. Always there to answer all my questions with such patience, knowledge and experience. There have been times when I have needed guidance in the media portion of the business and you have opened my eyes to so much that is available. You have also helped a great deal in steering us in the right direction when it comes to becoming more cost effective. Thank you once again for bring my business up to the new age.”
MR - Rhode Island - Auto Body Shop
"Searching the social media platforms, I kept coming across the same name, Chris Sheehy. After following his creative and informative posts for awhile, I knew he was the one to help NewEra Software with our marketing efforts. Working with Chris has been a pleasure from Day 1 Chris is a conductor of success; he is excellent at creating opportunities and turning them into reality. Chris is genuinely concerned about making an impact and even on Friday afternoon has energy to spare! I’m thrilled to have Chris on my team.”
HB - California - Software
"(Chris) will open you eyes as to where you are and help you get to where you want to be.”
JM – Massachusetts - Franchised Auto Body Repair
"…Chris provided extremely valuable SEO information in a very generous, expert and personable manner. I would highly recommend him to help with any company's internet optimization needs."
PA - Rhode Island - Trade Organization
"Chris is amazingly creative and DRIVEN to produce results! In this economy you MUST be different than your competition. Chris is THE partner you want to make that difference and turn his efforts in to PROFITABLE results and to give your business Brand recognition with a great reputation!”
EP – Wisconsin - Auto Dealer
"There is no professional who exceeds the experience and commitment than Chris Sheehy. As a thought-leader, he is always current and well researched. If you are looking for an industry expert, you have get Chris in your corner. His kind demeanor and depth of knowledge makes him an indispensable resource.”
KE - New Jersey - Technology
"Chris recently spoke at one of our AMA-SNE [American Marketing Association of Southern New England] after-hours events... We really appreciated his ability to share cutting-edge technical SEO insights in an easily understood (and highly engaging) manner. We would love to have him back again..."
MB - Rhode Island - Trade Organization
"Sidewalk Branding is the best - they speak my language (not tech talk), describe the entire SEO process, and drive results that produce sales! Couldn't be happier."
CS - Rhode Island - Home Improvement
"Local SEO experts - none better in all New England. Attended their SBA seminar, very informative. When our contract ends with *someone else* (hence anonymous review), we will certainly be calling them."
Anonymous - Rhode Island
"Honest, trustworthy, affordable and they know their stuff, this is the best place to have your local SEO work done. Chris is absolutely on the ball and we saw real results right when he said we would. We spoke with a lot of other companies before going with Sidewalk Branding and couldn't be happier with our decision."
CA - Rhode Island - Interior Designer
"Chris is a motivated high energy individual who loves what he does. He stays current with the ever changing SEO world which enables him to provide constant results. He has gone above and beyond to help me understand what SEO is all about. He also takes the time to offer advice on various aspects of my site. He is a pleasure to deal with."
DB – Massachusetts - Auto Dealer
"Having sustainable, effective steps for really making the most of my [marketing] presence is a HUGE step up for me and my martial arts gym. The principals of SEO were one of the most important internet lessons I've ever learned. Thanks a ton, Chris.”
DF – Rhode Island - Fitness
"Chris Sheehy of Sidewalk Branding is one of the few people who actually knows what they're doing with regard to SEO and digital marketing. My clients have seen tremendous success since using Sidewalk's services. Chris stays current on all the latest trends, rules and regulations with regard to search -he completely puts my mind at ease and is my "go to" guy with any digital questions.”
MB - Rhode Island - Trade Organization
“I have been working with Chris fr quite a few years now, and have watched my businesses online presence grow by leaps and bounds as a result of his work. Highly recommended, trustworthy and result oriented. I couldn't be happier I went with sidewalk branding for all my Seo and online marketing needs.”
JB - Rhode Island - Locksmith