Outsourcing & Reseller FAQs

In addition to helping local businesses with SEO and digital marketing and advertising, we also work with colleagues in our industry, such as agencies, resellers, and freelancers who need to outsource certain services. We get a lot of questions about how we outsource services and work with agencies, how billing is handled, and our level of involvement with the end client.

At the end of the day, we’re super flexible and transparent about all of that because we believe a professional partnership should be comfortable and beneficial for both of us!

If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please reach out!


Absolutely! No job is too big or too small. If it needs to get done, it’s a big deal to someone – and we’ll gladly do it.

We understand that every agency has a different comfort level with how their clients are managed. Some want to maintain control, and others are happy to refer clients directly to us and just receive a commission.

To that end, we offer two levels of engagement to meet your needs:

Outsourcing / Partner – This is where we work directly with your client, and they are aware that we are a separate agency. This is a referral relationship, but it can be quite cozy.

  • Billing is direct to the client
  • Commissions are variable and above average

Reseller / White Label
– This is where we represent your brand with little or no client interaction. Your clients assume your agency is handling all the work internally.

  • Billing goes to you at wholesale rates
  • Invoicing allows for a markup while maintaining competitive rates

We believe in offering flexible terms to our agency clients and will work with you on a case-by-case basis to create a billing plan that’s beneficial for both of us. We understand that you don’t get paid in many cases until the project is done, and the client pays you. That’s why we offer upfront, on-delivery, 50/50 billing, and even amortized billing depending on the project size, scope, and our past working relationship and payment arrangements. Contact us to learn more and chat about your project.

To help your clients afford more services at an easy fixed monthly budget, we offer amortized billing. This allows you to spread the entire project’s cost over a period of months instead of paying for services in lump amounts. Amortizing typically lets our clients afford a broader scope of work than they expected!

We use a cloud-based project management (PM) application to organize and manage all our clients’ projects. This easy-to-use tool replaces email as our primary communication channel and inventories all conversations, images, and files in a logical and automated manner. Additionally, all tasks, milestones, events, and secure elements like URLs and passwords are all managed through the PM. The number of seats available is unlimited – so your entire team can be part of the conversation. And best of all – this is a free service to all clients and agency partners.

When it comes to communicating with your end clients, that is up to you. In an outsourcing/partner role, we will communicate with the client directly, and they will know we are a separate agency. In a reseller capacity where you’re white labeling our work, you will likely still be the point of contact between your client and us. If it’s necessary for us to work with your client directly, we’re happy to use a business email address you give us access to and talk to your clients as if we’re part of your team. In fact, many of our agency clients say our services integrate so seamlessly that their clients can’t tell us apart from their own staff!

You bet! You or your agency has complete rights to any work that we do on your behalf in a reseller capacity. Your clients need never know that you hired us. We’re happy to complete a non-disclosure agreement if your agency requires it.

Yep! Our Founder, Chris Sheehy, has traveled the country for speaking engagements, consulting, and training. He loves sharing his passion for SEO and digital marketing and helping agencies hone their knowledge and skills. Contact us to chat about your needs and allow us to put together a custom consulting or coaching plan.