Squarespace SEO – Trailing Slash Mastered/

SEO Is Agnostic To Web Platforms – Right? Well, Not Exactly…

The guitar player known as "slash" from the rock band guns & roses - play on words for the slash at the end of a url

It turns out that some website CMS platforms have idiosyncrasies that require unique workarounds.

For Squarespace users, duplicate content is often caused by adding a trailing slash like this “/” onto URLs. These URLs could be at the page level, programmed as a redirect (URL mapping), or anchored to hypertext words like this.

By default, Squarespace automatically adds trailing slashes to URLs, adding them only creates a new (and duplicate) URL. The Short answer to mastering them, is not to end the URLs pointing to your internal pages with a slash.

Different themes may operate differently, so while auditing your pages for these may be time-consuming, in many cases the efforts clean up a Squarespace website nicely – and could result in a bump in online visibility via better search engine indexation as a bonus!

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