Have You Ever Tried To Underline Text Or Links In A CMS Like WordPress Or Squarespace Only To Be Defeated?

Iconography of a manual typewriter keypad letter "u" - for underline

Crazy as it may sound, while Bold and Italicize commands are offered within both WordPress and Squarespace text editors, the Underline command is not (Wix has it though!).

No worries, that omission doesn’t mean you can’t do it – just give this easy workaround a try the next time you need to add some underline emphasis to a line of text…

  1. Highlight the text you want to underline
  2. Press the Control and U keys on your keyboard (and U for Mac users)

You did it! Wasn’t that easy? Seriously, that’s all there is to it

Now that you have the skills; go out there and practice it by applying an underline to the links on your website/blog – you just might discover more users click on them now that they are more easily identifiable as a clickable link.