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Getting local websites to show up on search engines wasn't all that difficult when I marketed my first business in 1997, but it's a totally different story today.

  • There are 200+ signals search engines look for on your website
  • Google changed how they index websites nearly 900 times since last summer
  • SEO has become so technical that it spawned its own industry
  • There are thousands of sites feeding data to the search engines
  • Well-published SEO tips just a few years ago are now obsolete
  • Citation building and link building are now stronger than META tags
  • DIY SEO has become nearly impossible for small businesses
  • Beating your competition is in the details  - now more than ever
  • Finding experienced SEO companies has never been more difficult

Getting your website optimized so search engines can discover it is referred to as Search Engine Optimization or simply SEO.  It starts by researching what keywords people type into a search engine when they are looking for businesses like yours or for the things you have to sell (product or service).  

Taking these "keywords" and correctly applying them to your website (called keyword mapping) gives the search engines the correct data to properly index your business within their search engine results pages (SERPs).

After you know what words to target for the pages of your website you can concentrate on your META tags, page titles, anchor text, footer, NAP, the contextual continuity between page title - navigation - text - images, image SEO, structured data, canonical formatting, and the other 200+ elements of your website that search engines look at . . . (notice I didn't mention META Keywords - those are obsolete by today's SEO standards)

Google completely overhauled the business end of its search engine in October 2013 (the largest single change to Google.com since it was founded) while also making nearly 900 changes to it displays websites since that summer.  
What changes have you made to your website to keep current with these changes?

Website SEO gets your site indexed by the search engines - promoting it via search engine marketing, citation building, and link-building (also called backlinking or backlink building) comes next that's what gives a business multiple-exposure in search, increases local visibility, and boosts overall search engine ranking.

SEO tip: After creating a website - applying website optimization techniques before building links to it is a great way of fine-honing your word track phraseology and keywords for promoting your business and in signaling the right information about your business and what you have to sell to search engines.

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