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Free SEO Tools can be found anywhere - our website grader is different, it's backed by a local SEO service company at the ready to answer your questions and help you along the way to being DISCOVERED.

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1 > Enter the website address for any page of a website

2 > Enter a keyword or keyphrase you think that web page should show up for on your favorite search engine (Google is ours)

3 > OPTIONAL: Click "+ Competitor URL"  below where you entered your website address to enter a similarly targeted page of your competitor to see who has better SEO for the same keyword!

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SEO TIPUsing different keywords will change your SEO audit score - keyword research will help target the right keywords to the right page.  You can quantify these changes by running the website analyzer again - and again.  

By design, this SEO tool is hassle-free and free to use - all we ask is that you share it if you found it valuable so other businesses can benefit from the experience.

We respect your privacy and want you to know the information entered in our tool and corresponding reports will not be posted on the internet (as many website grader tools do), shared, or sold, and you will not receive a sales call from us just for using our tool - although you will receive a brief email confirmation.