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Chris Sheehy - Local SEO Specialist & Founder

Sidewalk Branding Company founder Chris Sheehy - named  Tech Entrepreneur  and one of  13 Rhode Islander's to Watch in 2013  by GoLocalProv

Founder Chris Sheehy is a 20+ year veteran of digital marketing; having embarked on SEO as a small business owner trying to market his first business (not related to marketing).

“I didn’t wake up and decided to be an SEO geek; it just happened” says Sheehy

ACHIEVEMENTS: • Top-5 Startup Business in New England - Mass High Tech • Top Web Development Firm - Providence Business News • Top Tech Entrepreneur - GoLocalProv

SPEAKER TO: • Polaris MEP, New England Institute of Technology University – Master’s Class on Data & Information Ethics • University of Rhode Island – Directors Meeting on graduate program digital marketing • American Marketing Association • International Aerial Photographers Association Conference • Sail America's Industry Conference • SailTime Franchise Conference • Search Engine Marketing New England • Service Core of Retired Executives (SCORE) • Small Business Administration (SBA) • Trade/Business groups • and others…

HIGHER EDU: RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) - curriculum creator & instructor; digital marketing & SEO CE-course • New England Institute of Technology University - technical & curriculum advisor; bachelor’s website design course •

MEDIA: • Columbia University - interviewed for study on marketing entrepreneurialism • Johnson & Wales University - interviews for small business entrepreneurialism • Beyond.com • Forbes - callout • Guy Kawasaki’s Alltop News - syndication • LinkedIn News - trending articles • MarketingProfs.com • Mopar Masters Magazine • Rhode Island Small Business Journal • RI Creative Magazine • SocialMediaToday.com • WSJ - article highlight • Yahoo Small Business Advisors - syndication • and more…

SPECIALTIES: website SEO, SEO audit reporting, PPC advertising management, local citation management, keyword research, SCHEMA structured data, toxic backlink cleaning, and META optimization.

On weekends you'll find Chris in his garage tinkering with some old car.

From Chris…

I am frequently asked how I got into SEO and nearly everyone is surprised to learn that I didn't plan on becoming a search engine specialist - not by long shot.

Truth is I came home one day to tell my wife I had quit my corporate job to go-it-alone with my first business. Looking back, her reaction wasn't what I had envisioned, but she has always been my biggest supporter, and I wouldn't be where I am today without her.

That was 1997, and like any other bootstrap entrepreneur, I had a ton of ambition but little money to back up my plans. So I hit the fax machine to promote my new business! A few years later in the dot.com days, I built a website to promote my startup. In no time, I also had a newsletter and a Weblog (that's what blogs were called before they were cool) and was creating content like crazy.

Before I knew it, my website was nominated for an industry award, and I was making new clients with this new thing called "the world wide web."  And then Google was born. Ranking & SEO quickly became an obsession of mine and a passion that to this day I enjoy.

When I tell business owners, I know where they are coming from - I mean it, and have the experience and credentials to back it up. It's this experience that differentiates me - and as in any industry - experience pays dividends.

That gig lasted several good years, until I was made an offer for a corporate position from the software manufacturer I was using - that I couldn't refuse. I spent a few years in the corporate environment for a couple of fantastic companies until I was faced with the option (not really an option) of having to move to the midwest to climb the corporate ladder. I love the midwest, but that was not a good fit for my family…

So, as I had done in 1997, I came home from my day job one day to announce to my wife that I had quit my corporate job to go-it-alone with a new business venture. I built a website, opened a blog, and jumped into social media.  The year was 2009 - and the story continues. . .

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