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Keyword Research

Keyword research is the first, and most important step in internet marketing. It is not an area to skimp. Our keyword research services are exhaustive and results in a comprehensive keyword list sorted in a rolling 12-month report listing historical search volume and trending values.

This report shows you how people are discovering your business and your competition.

We use technology for keyword research gathering, but unlike other agencies, all vetting and final selections - being a cognitive skill - is done by people, not by software, programming, an algorithm, or artificial intelligence. Human edited - makes all the difference.

We identify the best words to use for marketing your business & products based on national, regional, or local historical search volume of what people are searching. This data is then integrated into the pages of your website in the text you can read, the back-end text that search engines see, as well as within the images and files on your website.

This list of traffic-driving keywords can also be used for social media postings, print media, as well as for pay-per-click advertising like Google AdWords.

Keywords are the genesis of all internet marketing actions

Website SEO

This is what most people think of when they hear search engine optimization or internet marketing. Your website is central to all online marketing - so it makes sense.

“SEO refers to search engine optimization, or the process of optimizing a website in order to make it easy to find via search engines like Google.” [Google]

By Google's very definition, you should be active in making changes to your website for better (easier) indexability by Google. Other search engines have the same ethos.

To that end, we'll analyze close to 200 technical & compliance elements of the primary pages of your website to make sure it is current with today's standards and best practices to boost the indexability, discoverability,  and visibility of our business.

  • Indexability - the ability for search engines like Google or Bing to see and add pages of your website to their algorithm as potential display candidates for search results. Your position on these pages are referred to as your ranking, with 7-10 results being displayed for an average search result.

  • Visibility – your presence/ranking for a search query on the search result page of a search engine like Google or Bing

  • Discoverability – the ability for people to successfully discover you/business for a branded or non-branded query

    • e.g., You may be able to be discovered on the 4th page on Google Search, but that might not be your best visibility objective for reaching your goals.

Some of this work you can easily see when looking at your website pages, but much of it is on the back-end of what search engines see. Both are equally important.

From navigation and META Title & Descriptions to on-page text - we'll make sure the right elements are in place and optimized for greater online visibility. Additionally, we'll test your site with Google & Bing webmaster tools to make certain your pages are technically compliant to be indexed and display as a viable search result. Related elements such as canonicals, redirects, SCHEMA, and META Robot tags like NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW, NOYDIR, and NOODP are also addressed during this time.

Getting your website technically and keyword optimized is foundational for all digital marketing and advertising

From social media and blogging to citations, press releases and pay-per-click advertising like Google AdWords; Your website is central to all your marketing activities.

TIP: When taking on-site images of your business, be sure your camera location or GPS is turned ON. Latitude & Longitude data is embedded in the image that search engines can see and further quantify the location where your image was taken.

Citation Management

Mentions of your business name, address, and phone number (referred as your business NAP) are referred to as local business citations. They are also commonly referred to as business listings, or directory listings (outdated). It has been reported for several years that 80% of businesses have errors or misinformation for this most vital element of their business.

80% Of Businesses Have Citation Errors

Local citations provides branding consistency, gives searchers more ways to connect with you, increases market share, and even helps to make it easier to get business reviews. It is also a necessary qualifying element for search engines to verify your website data. The who, what, where, why, how and image of your business.

Certain citations can literally drive traffic to your door - like map or location citations such as yelp or yp.com and is often underappreciated and underutilized. Which by itself makes it a ripe opportunity for a competitive leverage!

Some of the most common citation errors are multiple listings on the same service (e.g., having more than one yp.com listing), old addresses, different or missing suite numbers, improperly formatted telephone numbers, listing cell - fax - or call tracking phone numbers or variations of your business name. Any of these errors can create multiple or incorrect citations that might not be putting your business in the best light.

TIP - here are the Top-7 Business Citations You Should Be Listed On: Google, Apple Maps, Bing, yelp.com, yp.com, citygrid.com, foursquare.com

We'll work to get your top citations accurate and complete as well as suppress any duplicate listing. The average business benefits from being listed on 30-50 citations whereas enterprise businesses a little less as their needs are different.

There are two approaches to citation management, automated and manual. An automated approach starts with your completion of an intake interview or completing a form followed by a data entry person entering this into a custom program that sends this to the citations they are connected with. The depth of optimization/completion of your citations is directly related to the software being used. Yext and Moz, are typical providers for this type of service, but there are others. This is not the route we take.

We provide manual citation management - and have been doing it this way forever. We've tried and continually test automated solutions - but time has taught us the hard way of doing things can sometimes yield the best results. With us, you'll complete an online intake sheet similar to any other agency, but instead of feeding that into some software API, your citations are crafted by hand. It makes a big difference...

The words on your website tell search engines all about your business - but search engines don't really understand the data - it's just words with contextual relevance to them. It's not logic.

SCHEMA structured data is HTML code that was collaboratively constructed by all the major search engines that put some of your information into a format that allows search engines to understand your data (how cool is that!)

Visit HERE to learn more

Some of the most common business uses are for META-optimization like identifying your contact information, business category type, latitude and longitude for mapping, and associated assets of your website that your business uses to market - like social media or a blog.

While not exactly new technology, SCHEMA is beginning to be more widely publicized as the latest-and-greatest in SEO tactic. And while we're not one to follow trends, we have to agree that this is one worth adopting - in fact, we've been an early adopter; having been integrating it into our projects since 2014.

SCHEMA Structured Data

There's an old business expression "You Can’t Manage - What You Don’t Measure" How true that is.

To make sure you can measure and manage the performance of your marketing & advertising actions, we’ll install (or optimize existing) Google Analytics & Search Console as well as Bing Webmaster Tools to be certain you can measure the performance and health of your website; and the progress of your marketing & advertising efforts.

We will also work to set up the proper process for measuring when your website and paid advertising actions turn into quantifiable and measurable leads.

Knowledge Is Power

Analytic & Reporting

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