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White label search engine optimization and marketing services in Rhode Island

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Reseller Services

See how offering more services to your clients; through us, can Boost your value to them, and revenue for you.

Our primary mission is to help increase your earnings through outsourced digital marketing & advertising that is integrated so seamless – your clients can’t tell us apart from your staff.

Our Success Is Measured By Your Client’s Success & Your Earnings Potential

Our services are designed to fit your client needs, typical requests include…

  • Analytic/Tracking Setup & Optimization

    • Google Analytics & Search Console and Bing Webmaster common

  • Backlink Cleanup & Disavow Submission

    • Used infrequently since Google’s recent changes, but we can handle it if needed

  • Branded Analytic Reporting

    • Vast reporting capability across many platforms with your branding

  • Citation Building & Management

    • Creation, edits of existing, or deletion of duplicates & closed locations

  • Conversion Optimization

    • Typically includes: landing page, Google Analytics Goal, and post-form-completion redirect following best-in-class Google guidelines

  • Keyword Research & Optimization

    • Research regions can include global, national, state, county, city/town, or media-buy DMA

  • On-Page Website Optimization

    • With 200 ranking points, there’s too much to list here - but if you’re reading this, you have some insight

  • PPC Optimization & Management

    • Google & Bing Ads

  • Reputation Monitoring & Branded Reporting

    • Covers most popular channels

  • Schema Structured Markup

    • Common @types: Article, Event, FAQPage, HowTo, JobPosting, LocalBusiness, Organization, Person, Product, Video, Website

  • Technical Website SEO

    • Assures the pages intended to display for a search query are able to - and all others are suppressed; thus leveraging the intended pages

  • Website & Local Visibility Audits

    • For client or prospects

If earning additional revenue by providing our services directly to your clients interest you –  contact Chris to nail down the details and plan the next steps.

Whatever Your Client Needs - We’ll Make It Work

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