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Business Resources

There are some things we don't do, website design, photography & video production, and web development (coding) to name a few.  As expected though, we work with a few local businesses who kick ass with these things - enough so that when asked for recommendations on marketing resources outside of our scope, we mention the following businesses faster than you can say sa-weeet!  

Website Designers & Developers

  • Carbon 
    • A SquareSpace web designer, graphic art, social media marketer
  • Seedling Creative 
    • Custom WordPress websites, graphic arts, event planning & marketing (and a bunch more)

Copy-Writing & Content Writing

  • Conjure Creative
    • If it's text - Karen can write it or improve it, she's been our go-to for years

Video Production & Animation

Software & App Development & Programming

Advertising & Media Buying

These are the companies we use, because we know they'll do the job right, on-time, and on budget.