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What is Local Citation Building?

Any online mention of your Business Name, Address, and Phone Number ("NAP") is referred to as a "Business Citation". Creating business profiles that promote this data is Local Citation Building or Business Citation Building.

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In our work we have discovered that over 80% of businesses have errors in their citation NAP data.  These errors can significantly impact a business's local online visibility.

We have also found that the older the business is, the more NAP errors we are likely to discover. Take a look at some of the most common errors we find and think if you've ever made any of these (we have).

  • Not consistently using a suite or office # with your address
  • Using call-tracking numbers
  • Moving your business and not tidying up the left-behind citations of the old business
  • Purchasing an existing business and not editing existing business listings (which may have tons of SEO value!)
  • Using variations of your business name
Click HERE to read an article we wrote that digs into it a bit more (click HERE for another)
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There are thousands of sources for building business citations, and not all local citations are created equal.  Quality over Quantity is the best course of action. Do it right and your citations will grow holistically for you - multiplying your efforts! 

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