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What Happens When You Stop Linkbuilding [chart]

Graph showing historical linkbuilding backlinking stats statistics I am often asked why linkbuilding is so important to do all the time (perhaps you have wondered that as well - read my previous linkbuilding article for a short primer).

This chart illustrates my likbuilding activity, and for a short time - a lack of effort, resulting in the drop.

Search engines are also measuring these actions in addition to some other metrics:

  • Authority of links
  • Accuracy of links (consistent NAP - Name Address Phone)
  • The rate of new links added
  • The rate of link drop-off (yep, some links drop off the radar in time)
  • Synergy between your website and backlinks

Linkbuilding actions have a significant impact on a business ranking on search, it's one of the smartest things you can do for your business to increase discovery and visibility of your business online.  Automating the process however is a recipe for failure, so have a plan, be prepared, and hit the keys.... your success will be off the charts!

By Chris Sheehy | Rhode Island linkbuilding specialist - follow at @sidewalkbrand for more #linkbuilding and #internetmarketing info

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