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Business Marketing and Innovation - The Drucker Way

rhode island internet marketing firm“Because the purpose of business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two – and only two – basic functions: marketing and innovation.  Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs. Marketing is the distinguishing, unique function of the business.”  Peter Drucker – 1973


While nearly everything in business has changed since that statement in 73; its meaning for businesses of all sizes has not. Businesses need to innovate both their offerings (services and/or products) as well as their marketing tactics to remain competitive in today's business climate.

While the internet has blurred what we think of as word-of-mouth advertising (the humanistic kind); at the same time it has gifted businesses with tools to extend their voice much farther and more quickly via the internet.

A business that complains about the lack of traffic to their doors, the phone not ringing, or the lack of sales - but does not market is like to a voter who complains about the government - but didn't vote.
With regards to business marketing and innovation – here are some solid tips
  • Look at new ways to connect with the most prospects
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  • Stay connected with your customers (Or your competition will)
  • Experiment with timing your blogging and social media activity to reach the greatest audience
  • Make sure all your digital assets are discoverable (SEO) - web, images, video...
  • Continually refine your keyword research to discover new opportunities
  • Do not be afraid to try a new social media tool before your friends - go for it!
  • Know what your competitors are doing online – as you pick up search engine market share, they are likely to change their game in an effort to regain it
  • Try to market where your audience goes for their information
  • For greater advertising success, try building trust through marketing first
  • Using social media to tell stories about your brand might work better than using your website
  • Write social posts about your industry, not always about your business
  • Continually look for ways to build more link exposure to your website

Marketing & Innovation - think outside the box!

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