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Do you remember the days when people gathered on sidewalks in front of their houses or would stop each other on the sidewalk in front of a local business on Main Street just to chat about what was going on? 

Having grown up in a small Connecticut town – I sure do; says founder Chris Sheehy

As a kid, I remember walking down the sidewalks in my neighborhood with my Grandfather and the frequent interruptions by neighbors & friends - from the corner store to the end of the block - calling out "Hey Johnny!" with a question.  These call-outs were common no matter where we went in town.  Everyone knew my Gramps would have a good answer for them.

And what I remember most about that sidewalk talk; is how it was often about the simple things in life - where to go for a good lunch, who had the best porchetta for Sunday dinner (it's an Italian thing), what insurance agent or lawyer to use, or where to get your car fixed.

"Sidewalk Branding" comes from these memories - Gramps was the Google of my youth

"Word-Of-Mouth-Marketing" is what it became known as - it was a precursor to asking a search engine for answers.  Now fast-forward just one generation, and we find Google, Foursquare, SEO, Twitter, Pinterest, website design, #hashtags, and Facebook, not just jargon for forward-thinking businesses, but common everyday words you likely hear throughout your day.

My brothers - simpler times

My brothers - simpler times

Times they are a-changin' - and what got businesses where they are today; is not a guarantee it will get them where they want to be tomorrow. Today's businesses need more than a simple sidewalk-talk marketing strategy.  Local businesses need to promote and market their businesses locally, so they are discovered by the right local people searching for their products and services.  

Local Online Marketing & Advertising is what we do - And All We Do.

[by Chris Sheehy]

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