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Chris Sheehy - Local SEO Specialist & Founder

In addition to getting businesses discovered, Chris is also a consultant, speaker & presenter to business groups and associations, writer, diner junkie, social networker, local business advocate, husband & father, and lover of anything with a driver's seat and a loud engine.

Sidewalk Branding Company founder Chris Sheehy - named Tech Entrepreneur and one of 13 Rhode Islander's to Watch in 2013 by GoLocalProv 
  • Of his occupation: "I'm in the discovery business..."
  • Motto: "be DISCOVERED"
  • Named a Tech Entrepreneur and listed on "RI's 13 to watch in 2013" by GoLocalProv
  • College Technical & Curriculum Advisor at New England Institute of Technology
  • Named Best SEO Firm - "Best in Search" 2012 & 2013
  • Blog syndicated at Guy Kawasaki's Alltop, B2B, & Yahoo Small Business
  • Internationally published
  • Mentioned in Forbes.com and NASDAQ.com
  • Frequent contributor to Rhode Island Small Business Journal & RI Creative Magazine
  • Named a Top-5 Startup in New England by Mass High Tech
  • Speaker to: American Marketing Association, SCORE, Small Business Administration, business groups

I am frequently asked how I got into SEO and nearly everyone is totally surprised to learn that I didn't plan on becoming a search engine specialist - not by long shot.

Truth is I came home one day to tell my wife I had quit my corporate job to go-it-alone with my first business (looking back, her reaction wasn't what I had envisioned, but she has always been my biggest supporter and I wouldn't be where I am today without her). That was 1997, and like any other bootstrap entrepreneur, I had a ton of ambition but with a new home and our first child on the way - little money to back up my idea. So I did what everyone was doing in the dot.com days, I built a website to promote my start-up. In no time, I also had a newsletter and a weblog (that's what blogs were called before they were cool) and was creating content like crazy.

Before I knew it, my website was nominated for an industry award, and I was making new clients from this new thing called "the world wide web."  And then Google was born (which BTW I thought was such a stupid business idea).  Ranking & SEO quickly became an obsession of mine and a passion that to this day I enjoy.

When I tell business owners, I know how SEO works for them - I mean it, and have the experience (and mistakes that come with that experience) to back it up.  It's this experience that differentiates me from my competition, and in this industry - experience pays dividends.  

Reading DIY SEO articles makes you as much an SEOer as reading MotorTrend makes you a race car driver.  Experience is in doing.  I learned this the hard way in my early days.

That gig lasted several years, but I was ultimately made an offer for a corporate position from the software manufacturer I was using that I couldn't refuse. I spent a few years in the corporate environment for two fantastic companies until I was faced with the only option of having to move to the mid-west to grow professionally. 

So, like I had done in 1997, I came home from my day job one day to announce to my wife that I had quit my corporate job to go-it-alone with a new business. I built a website, opened a blog, and jumped into social media.  The year was 2009 - and the story continues. . . .